Dr Clement Lo


Dr Clement Lo is a general Endocrinologist based at Monash Health where he provides both inpatient and outpatient care to patients with diabetes and endocrine issues. At Monash Health, he helped establish the Diabetes and Kidney Service where he is the Diabetes clinical lead. He also manages patients with obesity as a member of the Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Unit. In addition, he is a research fellow at the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, and sits on the Medical, Educational and Scientific Advisory Committee for Diabetes Australia.

Dr Lo is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and trained in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Obesity at Austin Health and Monash Health prior to completing a PhD concerning health-care improvement for Diabetes and Kidney Disease at the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University.

He is committed to quality patient-centred medical care, and is involved in both doctor and patient education.

Dr Lo welcomes referrals in all aspects of Endocrinology including:

  • Type 1 and 2 Diabetes mellitus

  • Obesity

  • Thyroid disease

  • Pituitary and Adrenal disorders

  • Osteoporosis and endocrine bone disorders

  • Endocrine causes of hypertension

  • Testosterone issues

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